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I reckon you’re here because you want someone to shoot your wedding in the most natural, true, beautiful way possible. Well, that’s pretty perfect, because that’s exactly what I do.

Before we meet officially, let me tell you a little about me (and you).

My SparkNotes: I love cats, the great outdoors, adventuring to new places, and cooking. I basically live at the beach (not literally just yet, but if you’re looking for me on a day off then you’ll probably find me making sand angels) and I also have a dream of owning backyard chickens someday. I don’t have a lot of love for doing dishes, staying home all day – or writing about myself, which segues quite nicely into...

...chatting about us! Me and you. My aim with clients is to blur the line between ‘friend’ and ‘hired professional’. When you’re planning a wedding, the caterers are important. The cakemaker is crucial. And the band needs to be smokin’ hot. But they don’t need to know you like your photographer needs to know you.

A great cake will always be a great cake (red velvet is king). However, for the photos to be great, I need to see you both for the people you really are. I need to catch a glimpse of your souls, the part of you that you’re not really going to show off to a pastry chef.

What I’m saying is that a good wedding photographer needs to chase something more undefined. Something you can’t necessarily see, but know when you feel. That’s where I come in. My goal is to be one of the most authentic, reliable wedding photographers on the Sunshine Coast BC. I’m not just a gal with a camera. I’m not here to fluff up my Instagram with pretty Pinterest shots.

I’m a new friend who’s excited to capture you at your most awesome, elegant, electric best.

I'm Hannah and I’m a wedding photographer in British Columbia – it’s lovely to unofficially meet you!


Based on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia

Willing and happy to travel

The unprocessed, untouched, raw kinda love. That’s the stuff I live to capture. Sound like something you’re into?



I cannot say enough positive things about Hannah as a person, or her talent as a photographer. She is professional, punctual, and respectful to any needs/preferences.  If you want to be 100% confident that your special day or occasion will be photographed well, hire Hannah. You will not be disappointed. I wish I could give more than 5 stars.

Judy + Mitchell

She made us feel comfortable, and relaxed the entire time.  Hannah's communication and personality made everything so easy for us. We couldn't be happier with our photos and could not thank her enough. I don't think anyone could request a better photographer to capture their most special day!


You have an eye for capturing radiant smiles, heartfelt emotions, and joyful moments. Your surprise gift to us shook our hearts in a way where we re-lived our special day. The voices, the images that were portrayed in the slideshow that you created, was the best gift that anyone could give us. 


I totally screamed when I opened it!!! Totally brought me all the memories of the day, how happy we were, how emotional we were and how cold we were haha. Can’t explain how happy we are with photos right now. I got so so so many compliments about photos from everybody and people even told me that those photos really show who we are. That is what you did for us Hannah. You are an amazing photographer. 


My Bucket List 




This is my current bucket list for travel (subject to change at any given moment!).

If you’re planning a destination wedding or elopement, please get in touch as I LOVE to travel and would 100% be up for hopping on a plane/boat/train/camel to capture the magic of your day.

I’m offering special rates for any of the locations listed below.

where i want to go









Shooting weddings near, far and everywhere

Travel Bucket List






What I offer

I’m here to make this experience as easy and fun for you as possible. No matter where you are in your journey or what you want from your wedding photos, the first thing I’ll do is listen. Then, together, we’ll create a beautiful love story you can tell over and over again, picture by picture, for years to come.




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